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#First_come_First_Serve The earlier you join us, the earlier you earn, the earlier you request withdrawal, the earlier it get to your turn to cash out quickly. We have got you cover. September payout will be blast. We have started another earning race, refer or no referral you will surely get paid. 100% sure and guarantee. Trust me on this one, isa double your hustle something. NNUForum should be a side hustle for you. You don't need to quit your current job at all, u just need a SMART phone and a SMART strategies in any SMART area you are and you can make 100s of thousands naira in a month if you do it SMART way. Listen bredren, some of you may find it difficult to believe me, some think we scam them because things doesn't work out as expected earlier. But how wish you can just try to chill and use one mind to reason with me at this moment. We failed you earlier doesn't mean we failed all members, else nobody would have join us on v1 NNU Forum. Some lose some win. These happen everywhere in all industry. Hear me out, we have got a solution and a remarkable working plans to make sure our second term stand out among the rest. Eventuary, every member will enjoy NNU money, please trust me. Just continue doing your part and leave the rest for us while you chill for the grace to fall on you. We are setting up API to transfer fund from v1 to v2, that is aside. Starting from September payout, we have decided to be compiling one payroll so no more split payroll every month. This will enable us keep eyes on NNU Income beneficiaries and make sure no member is left out while other user also benefit. Instead of monthly payroll, it will be one and only payroll with each times a user has been able to cash out in different month. For proof and transparency purpose with all user Facebook profile link. Whereas, we will keep track of the common rule of first come first serve. Nobody will be served multiple times when some people have not been served at all except the highest earners, the smart earners who are really doing everything to move the system forward. So on average common earning of 5 -10k withdrawal, it will be strictly on first come first serve on withdrawal request. Trust me on this one, NNU Income project will be the best MMO site that share real time revenue with users. Believe me or never, you have your choice to make while i have my passion to improve on. NNU Income is my first and ever successful MMO project, that is why its my top most priority which i can never let go down. I feel the pain of complainers and those who always get angry, i understood everyone but its unfortunate that not everybody will understand better while you can never certify everyone at a time Just the way we have those who praises GEJ in his time, the same way we also have those who criticize and condemn his administration. While most Nigerian pray for him, some do otherwise even with curse and so on. But guess what, those things doesn't move mountain. I have created so many system and online opportunity, i have failed and lose several times, i have created several blogs and different platforms but NNU Income Project is one of a kind, the first ever website that pay people to read news online. The version 1 on NNU. ng didnt go well at some point but i have to wake up again to make sure i keep the flag moving hence the NNU Forum idea as version 2. So, if you are not yet a member, or old member on v1, i urge you to please, take this opportunity seriously because we are not going to back off this time as we have a better plans to move forward and backward never. Join us now and make a lot of money for yourself. #Smartdistributors earns more. Registration e-pin distributors / agent opportunity door is still open, before i decide to close it. Whatsapp me if you are interested and start earning daily commission https://wa.me/237033630268

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