Academic Success Guide: How Ordinary Students Achieve Extraordinary Grades

Academic Success Guide: How Ordinary Students Achieve Extraordinary Grades is designed to prepare any student for College or university success. The book will assist you to:
- set your academic goals - identify your learning style(s) - adequately manage your time - take effective notes - develop effective and efficient study-reading skills - develop your writing skills and - prepare you to effectively take tests and examinations. This is a concise guide that can help any student to scale up from fail grade to becoming an A student, if the skills and techniques are applied. One of the major highlights of the book is the TPQ5R study-reading technique developed by the author. This technique is an improvement on the SQ3R study method. The TPQ5R Study-Reading Technique T - Time and Amount: Decide how long you would study and how much of the material to cover at that given time. P - Preview (Overview): Skim through the title, introduction, headings, subheadings, words in bold print and italics. Look over illustrations and charts; read the summary (if any). Q - Question (Purpose ): Ask questions to guide your reading. Turn headings and subheadings to questions. Use questions provided by the author, use past questions, or create questions based on paragraph. R1 - Read: Read actively for details by looking for answers to questions. Concentrate and strive for understanding. Associate what you read with what you already know. Underline or highlight main ideas, definitions or phrases. R2 - Record (Note-Taking): Record or write down main ideas, definitions, lists, steps or answers to questions at the end of a long paragraph or section. R3 - Recite(Say-Aloud): Rehearse by reciting out loud the answers to the study questions asked before reading. Say the answers aloud to your own hearing, preferably from memory. R4 - Rewrite: Rehearse the answers to your study questions by writing them down on paper, notebook, writing board, notepad, or word processor from memory. R5 - Review(Revisit): Revisit the main points, basically the answers to the study questions. Details of these and many more are available in the eBook.  

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