Campus Gossip: Fine Unizik Girl Who Doesn't Know How To Cook Okro Soup

That was how one fine looking, tall and fair girl in the School hostel today, Unizik Hostel A, was practicing how to cook Okro soup and ended up preparing Oil and Salt.

So me I was just on my own in the hostel, a friends room though, well there were two other girls there, One was the student and the other the tutor, Jenny probably Jennifer or Janet.
Guess what she was learning, how to prepare Okro Soup, don't ask me how I knew in Jenifa's voice, I was minding my business.
So the tutor was sitting on a Chair like Mummy General Overseer overseeing an obviously first time soup preparation, giving instructions and directions,
Jenny the oil is too much
The student learner, with the innocence of a Lagos born over buttered girl asked, shey if I put the Okro and Ugu, the oil will reduce?.
Ehe add the Ogbono.
Don't add too much water
The girl with every sense of humility was heeding to the instructions.
From the aroma I perceived, the soup will be rich with "blockades" and the rest.
Finally they were done,
Ask me how I knew there was Salt, She tasted it herself now and now called her friends to bring plate and share in the Salt.
Lesson ended

She packed her handbag and left obviously not coming back for the weekend.
Please don't ask me where she went to.
I am still minding my business.

You that you are there forming Chef, do you know how to cook Okro Soup, or even any Soup or you will be among that will be doing online tutorial on cooking.
Why don't you try it this weekend and see what you get.
Swallow your pride and Learn it now save yourself future embarrassment.

WARNING: be careful, salt and red oil are two very expensive commodities.

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