Campus Talk-zone :Lying To Your Parents About School Expenditure, Guilty Or Not Guilty?

Many students have sworn never to repent from one of their greatest malicious lies when in school which they tell to their parents when the issue of finances arise.

We, as a nation are battling with the saga of "budget padding" in the country and this is similar to what students in our institutions do almost on daily basis just to make extra cash from parents, sponsors or relatives. Some guilty students are already aware in their spirit of where l am trying to land but l do not believe we have many more innocent than those who are guilty.

Students, in order to live big in school will go as far as increasing the cost of school fees, cash for handouts and textbooks, course registration fees, departmental and faculty levies, they come up with imaginary term paper and projects and even mention a name from a vocabulary that never exists just to confuse their parents so they can willingly release cash.

Those monies when received do not even go into meaningful use as most of them are used to keep up with boyfriend/girlfriend needs, partying and drinking, fashion and makeup, sorting of courses and other frivolities.

I have a friend in school who during vacations, just before resumption will send me a text message and call me to send the text message he sent me back to his phone so he could show it to his father who will give him whatever amount he had made up in the text. His father knows me and how serious l can be so he takes seriously any information that comes from me.

I am not guilty, are you innocent? lf you are not, repent today and stop padding your academic budget. Help your parents.

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