Campus TalkZone: 9 Biggest Fear Of Students - What's Your Big Fear?

Higher education is not about books and grades only. Actually, it makes you a better person and prepares to the future life: you start living on your own, making new friends, learning how to organize your time better, how to plan your budget, and so on.
Moreover, higher education teaches students how to overcome their biggest fears. And trust me, students do have a lot of fears when they enter and during their stay in college or university.
So now let's share our feelings and thoughts within our selves. There are various forms of fear we have as a student.
1. The Fear Of Strike

At this point in time were most bodies of our education system such as ASUU, NASU, and the rest of the educational bodies, are either on strike or planning to go on strike. Students can't tell when these various bodies and the federal government would have a mutual and reasonable agreement to end the strike. Were we all know as a student, any form of strike surely elongates the period of your stay and studying in campus. We all know the rest of the gist. Strike ain't helping us.
2. The Fear Of Pandemics

If you should know, A pandemic is a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or worldwide. Such as the Corona Virus which broke out in the year 2019 (COVID-19) & The HantaVirus of the year 2020. This Pandemic doesn't only affect & shut down the activities of Education Institution but also all types of institution all around the world. Institutions & Activities Nationwide & Worldwide are all set to lockdown till the cure or remedy to the various diseases are found and also to avoid the spread of the various disease. 
3.Fear of change
Most of the freshmen lived with their families their whole life and now this is going to change. No wonder that many future students start freaking out: it’s a huge and totally unfamiliar experience. A big change approaches and no one knows whether this change is going to be pleasant or not.
You should remember that:
physical activities will help you feel better and reduce stress;
counselling center is there for you in case you’ll feel pretty bad.
4.Fear of alienation
Some people come from other countries, some were bullied in schools, and some are simply afraid that they won’t be able to make friends. However, alienation in college is almost impossible if you don’t seek it. After all, people who choose the same study program as you most likely will share some of your interests. And even if not, there are still many people out there: they attend various clubs, do different activities, and you can join them if you try.
5.Fear of crimes
Crimes do happen, unfortunately, and some students are very afraid of them. There are things you can do to assure your safety:
lock your room (maybe even buy good locks for drawers where you keep expensive things);
don’t drink something that you’ve left unattended for a while (moreover, try to get your own drinks for a party);
ask a friend to stay sober during the party and watch your company. Next time you can be this friend and so on;
add campus security’s number to your cellphone.
6.Fear of running out of money.
Not all freshmen are experienced in living on their own and planning their own budget. If you are afraid that you’ll run out of money, prepare yourself before going to college: read books or articles about financial planning and install an app that allows keeping track of your expenses. Remember: the sooner you start planning your budget, the better.
7.Fear of public speaking
In college students have to do public speaking in front of a pretty big audience. That’s why students that were afraid of public speaking at schools become absolutely terrified when thinking about doing this in college. Fortunately, there are many ways to prepare yourself: a bunch of useful articles and videos can teach you how to do public speaking well and overcome your fear.
8.Fear of expulsion
Some students are afraid of being expelled because they don’t consider themselves smart enough. To overcome this fear, plan your study process well, remember the importance of preparation, try to get rid of bad habits that affect your studying process and work on concentrating on subjects that are the most useful to you.
9.Fear of failure
One of the biggest fears students have. Unfortunately, some people don’t overcome it even after their college graduation: such fear paralyzes them, stopping from making important life decisions.
If you want to overcome this fear, you have to understand yourself. Think about why failure scares you so much, work on your feelings and even try failing at something. This will help you to realize that failure isn’t actually as scary as it seems. 

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