Campus TalkZone: "Na Students Dey Get Money Pass" - What's Your View?

Many at times, students have been grouped among the highly rich individuals because of their status as students even when some of them are the ones personally taking care of themselves. But again, who knows?

l have had series of encounters where l would go to the campus market to buy some stuffs and my bargaining power will be met with "na students get money pass" whenever l tried to beat the price of the commodity to favour me. And again, l would look at myself and ask the rhetoric question, "how will l have money as a student more than those who are full time traders?" but over and over again, it will be left unanswered. Who cares anyway, it was just a rhetoric question, no answer needed.

It is true that many student show off affluence whenever they are in Campus. Some borrow, others are lucky enough either to have wealthy parents, uncles or sponsors and some have a way of double taxing their parents and also their elder siblings or uncles to raise extra cash for the same purpose which they have also collected cash from their parents. When they come to campus, they show off and make people believe students are wealthier than them.

A lot of student can relate to this fact and how true can it be? Will you say it is true that as a student you are richer than the traders who see you as such or those lecturers who use the phrase to make you pay more for their textbooks and/or handouts?

What's your say, Shey Na Students Dey Get Money Pass? 

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