Campus TalkZone: What Some Students Do On Holidays- What About You?

What Some Students Do On Hoilidays; What About You?

It is obvious that the holidays are as long as many wanted it to be because for a new session, a lot is required by students to get it into motion and to an enjoyable start and possibly, completion.

It is also true that while so many University Students depend on the parents/guardian/sponsors to see them through school and also provide some personal and academic needs, some others bear that burden solely and they have to keep their engines running with whatever they can scratch out during the holidays as well as engage in some petty business to survive while in CampusThe latter class of students indulge in all kinds of activities just to keep themselves busy as well as earning money which they spend as well as handle their tuition and other necessities with and while speaking with some of this class of students, they revealed to me things that took their time and in turn fetched them cash during the holidays.

Some went to assist construction work on different sites and were paid daily. Some helped to run business centres and cyber café, others went into online content marketing and freelance writing, a few others made football betting their only saviour and developed strategies for winning consistently.

Those of the former class got enrolled to study some quick courses in programming and others went to pick up a licence in driving.

For me, l toured a little, slept a little, ate much, blogged much more, didn't travel to see any "babe", attended church services regularly, took up classes in music, and laughed harder.

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