6 Weird Types Of Roommates You’re Bound To Come Across In Campus

As we all know, leaving our homes for college is like another phase in life, cos we’re most probably going to be moving out of our parents’. At this time, most we don’t want to stay with our parents anymore, developing a little sense of freedom.

Some prefer living alone while others don’t. As many of us that can’t afford to live alone, we opt for sharing our space with roommates which also provides benefits of flat/hostel cost reduction for and efficient living.

These roommates can either become your new BFFs🤗 (best friends) or make you wish you’d stayed alone😩

However, you’re going to – or must have- come across at least some of the types of roommate that’ll be listed here, so let’s get rolling😜.

1. The Neat Addict (Germophobe)
This kind of roommate are germophobic 😂. They clean almost anything cleanable. They clean continuously and insists that the room be spotless at all times. They think the room is a dog kennel or pig sty, just because you placed the books in the wrong place or you have a dirty sock on the ground across the room. They probably could restrict you from touching their stuff or even cooking their food. SMH.
2. The No Nonsense Roomie🤬
You know there are some roommates that don’t want to know who your father is😤. Well they fall under this category. They are dogmatic and tend to make so much rules and set their boundaries, against which you mustn’t cross. “Don’t play music!”, they mean it, cos they’re capable of making life miserable through their stern nature.
3. The Kleptomaniac 👀
Kleptomania, an irresistible urge to steal. You just find out things are always missing in the house, from little accessories, food stuffs and money to leftovers you’re probably coming back to, all gone. Though, they might not intentionally steal stuff, due to their impulse control disorder, but those kinda people need deliverance 😏
4. The Messy Ones🤢
Lol, this type of roomie is directly opposite to the “neat freak” . He literally doesn’t clean up at all after messing the whole place up. Leaves a sock hanging around, bags across the room, doesn’t take his bath if he’s got no business outside, leaves the table uncleared and ignores chores list already agreed upon by each roommate.
This kind of roommate will never go along with the neat freak type🤮 – I don’t know about your opinion.
5. The Borrow -Borrow 😂
These once can borrow for Africa. They borrow anything of yours that gets attractive to them…ugh! From beauty accessories to transport fare every time.
6. The Party Geng 💃🏽🕺🏽
All work and no play, they say, makes Jake a dull boy. Buy this kind of roommate doesn’t see it that way. All he cares about is hangouts, parte-after-parte, and inviting friends. Throws parties almost 3 times every week.
I know there are so many kinds I didn’t put up there on the list😅. But if you feel there are other types of roommates, let’s see them in the comments section😉
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