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How do you browse without a data subscription on MTN?

We use the system called MTN PAYG which means Pay As You Go that allows you to browse with your airtime.

Yes, the service was launched by MTN to enable users to browse at the rate of 3₦ per megabyte (N3/MB).

It can't activate itself. Even though you exhaust your active data bundle, and you have airtime, all data connections will be disconnected.

You will have to opt into PAYG to power all browsers and access the internet with your airtime.

It's funny when most people rejoice to the free browsing on their phone without realizing that PAYG is activated and they browse with the money in their account balance.

Now, how do I browse without a data subscription on MTN? Follow the simple recommendations below.

How To Browse With Airtime On MTN

There is a simple code to browse with airtime on MTN, you just need to open your device dialer and apply the following:
  • Simply dial *131*200# or
  • SMS "RESET" to 131 to start browsing with airtime.
Once you dial the above code, you will receive a message from mtn that you are browsing on PAYG N3/MB.

Now, even MTN Pulse subscribers browse using airtime on MTN.

So anytime you exhaust your data bundle plan, you'll continue browsing with your account balance.

How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On MTN

If you feel like deactivating PAYG, follow the procedures below:
  • Simply dial *131*201# to opt-out.
  • SMS "SUSPEND" to 131 to cancel or deactivate browsing on MTN.
Yeah, after dialing the above code or sending the message to MTN, all data connections will be terminated and you won't browse with airtime next time (unless you reactivate it)

Quick Questions & Answers On PAYG (Q & A)

In the section, I've answered the most popular questions individuals asked often. See the answers below.

Will I Be Charged For Using PAYG Service?

  • No, opt-in is free. You will be charged 0.00K for activating Pay As You Go on your line.

Will I Have To Pay To Opt-Out?

  • No, you're not paying a dime to cancel it. It's free.

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