Make Cool Cash Online By Selling Data, Airtime And Paying Bills At Cheaper Rates For Free (Full Tutorial Included)


  Who doesn't like money in this hard country? Even if we are to spend the cash we earned, we ought to spend it wisely. Just to remind you Nothing goes for nothing so let's try to maximize.
    Today I will be bringing to your fingertips the cheapest, reliable and smartest way to earn by being a smart reseller to customers or also manage your spending on data, airtime, bill payment, and so many other services just in few clicks introducing speedy data.
 On Speedydata everyone is a boss as long as you can make a transfer using a ussd code(*426#), Mobile Bank applications, and also make a secure online payment using your ATM card details. Speedy data offers big discounts on Data subscription, Airtime top-up, Generate Data subscription pins like normal airtime top-up pins, and also make all bill payments in Nigeria right from your phone which is speedy,  secure, smart, reliable e,t,c.  Guess you are marveled at this, now join the team of smart consumers and resellers, (Click Here To Register ) but before you join let me give you some hacks of speedy data so as to make you smarter.

Just after registering on Speedydata, you ought to deposit to your virtual speedy data wallet which displays #0.00

 On  Speedydata you can Deposit or fund your wallet through Deposit from a bank & an activated mobile online banking ATM card.

Funding Your Wallet Through Bank Transfer

  • To get started make a quick deposit from your bank mobile application or bank used code to your speedy data wallet using the account details below. (Preferably to the GTB Account or the smart automated Providus bank account created for all users)

  • After confirming a successful transfer to any of the account given, Visit the speedydata  dashboard and click on the Deposit (Bank Transfer) button, 
  • You are going to request a confirmation of transfer using the form as shown below.

  • Here you input the depositor's name
  • Select the method in which the transfer was made, input the amount being transferred, and finally click the submit button.
  • It takes not less than five minutes for transfer confirmation after clicking the submit button.
  • To check and confirm your deposit on Speedydata use the deposit history button or simply use the refresh button at the top of the main dashboard on the mobile application

Funding Your Wallet Using An ATM Card

Funding your wallet on speedydata using an ATM card won't be that tedious if you are already activated your ATM card for mobile online banking.
  • Payments and verification are automated, faster, and secured using any of the two payment methods (Paystack Nigeria & Flutterwave) Do Select from the two payment methods.
  • Input the details as clearly seen on your ATM credit card and the amount you wish to deposit to your wallet (Wondering what a CVV is? its a card verification number or code found at the back of your atm card usually three in number)

  • Follow the secured automated payment process which includes the use of an OTP sent by your bank to verify & confirm every payment made a customer.
  • Remember to use the refresh button after every successful payment from any of the given payment method. Now you start placing your orders right from your device by just inputting the recievers details and clicking on the PLACE ORDER button.

NB: Always take your time to make a thorough review of the receiver details/identity before placing an order, that's because any order placed to the wrong customer/client cant be reversed and that would be a loss so take care and be the boss.

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