White Lady Blows It Hot On Africans Over COVID-19 Vaccine From Europe


    A lady on facebook  with the username Tracy Ville have taken to her facebook handle to share her thoughts to Africans on the release of the COVID-19 Vaccine from Europe. Making it clear that Africans are no threat to the European countries and the European countries have no plans to harm the African countries  in any way.  

Read full details below :

 "Africans should be the last people to

complain about Covid19 Vaccination, If

Europeans want to kill you they would have

done it long time ago. Coca Cola products are

from Europe, even KFC and many food

production companies. Europeans producee

majority of food you eat including baby

formula (Milk). If they want to kill you they

would have done it long time ago. The only

thing that you produce in Africa is babies.

That is why you even have baby making

weather and eye blanket. Relax, no one want

to kill you. For goodness sake, you are not

that important and you are not a threat.

Okay fine if you don't want the vaccine, you

are welcome to develop yours. Oow sorry you

Can't even make a toothbrush or condom, You

rely on China, so shut up and take the

Vaccine or Die."

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